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We would like to start activities to deliver emotions using flowers and plants, and deliver products that meet the order as one expression. We will not just give you flowers, but will deliver special gift flowers that will give you a feeling. There are thoughts from seed companies, producers, and flower market people, including the giver. And I believe that flowers have the power to impress people. As a creator, Florist wants to continue to shape that feeling and the power of flowers. I spent 12 years from elementary school to high school playing soccer, and at university I mainly studied fine art through pictorial expression. I fell in love with bonsai when I was in college, and when I was 20, I started learning fresh flowers in my hometown of Hyogo prefecture. I was shocked at the time that there was a profession that could be a business by entwining flowers and plants in the art field, and I dreamed of a profession as a flower artist and moved to Tokyo with an emphasis on intuition. Always do not blur the axis as a flower shop. In that process, we want to continue to express the wishes and direction of the giver as an expression with the help of flowers, rather than simply selling flowers. Currently, based in Tokyo, we are not only expressing flowers and plants, but also developing gift flowers (shipping nationwide) from individual orders. In the future, I would like to expand the range of activities and grow as a person and as a flower artist..

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